Toka Box June Reveal!

It’s almost June and you know what that means! Time to place your order for Toka Box! So Toka Box is a subscription box that usually revolves around a theme. A specially designed craft and hand-picked book are included that enhances the whole box experience.

This month the theme is focused on FOOD. I don’t know about your kid but mine is super picky when it comes to food. There are handful things that he likes. Mind you they are pretty healthy and nutritious things- like chicken curry, dal and rice, egg drop soup, meatloaf and fruits. But also loves chicken fingers and French fries (with ketchup as he often reminds me.) Notice how there are no vegetables in that list. This was a really helpful box for me to teach Armaan about eating a balanced meal.

The craft was, once again, very creative. We put together a lovely placemat for Armaan. I do admire the time and effort the ladies put on the boxes. They are very thoughtful and exciting for both parent (or caregiver) and child! Also, the steps are easy to follow.

Armaan is going to be 3 in July and he’s been getting involved more and more when it comes to the boxes. This time around he loved using theft brush and the sponge brush, even though I had to guide his hand a little here and there.

Our dog Luca in deep slumber, while Armaan and I had fun with the craft!

So proud of himself! I’ve noticed that he gets super happy to accomplish a task. Also, I praise him to high heaven so he knows he’s doing a fab job!

This was a great lesson because we talked about the importance of eating all types of food. He’s pointing to the fruit because he loves The Minions and they are obsessed with bananas!

The book for this month is “The Silly Story of Bondapalli” written by Shamim Padamsee and illustrated by Ashok Rajagopalan. It’s a wildly funny book about a prince who is a picky eater and how the cook coincidently whips up a scrumptious dish called Bonda’s (which are also my Mums favorite!) The illustrations are colorful and fitting for the tale!

I love reading to Armaan. He’s so sweet and loves to listen and point at funny things and make up his own storylines. I loved reading this book to him because of the all witty rhymes and he just loved all the illustrations.

So don’t wait any longer and order you box now!


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Photos by Jenifer Michelle Photography

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